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New Releases: Promised Land – (2012)

New Releases: Promised Land - (2012) Genre: Drama, Release Date: 2013-04-23 Duration: 106 Min Director:...


New Releases: Promised Land – (2012)

New Releases: Promised Land - (2012)
Genre: Drama,
Release Date: 2013-04-23
Duration: 106 Min

  • Gus Van Sant

Steve Butler (Matt Damon) has caught the eye of Global Cross Power Solution’s top management, an energy company that specializes in obtaining natural gas trapped in underground shale deposits through a process known as fracking. Steve Butler’s success lies in his ability to not only sign-up a large percent of the land owners, but to close the deals quicker and at a lower cost then any other company representative.

Butler and his partner Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand) arrive in a small farming town in Pennsylvania where they stop in a local store to buy clothing that will allow them to blend in. Butler won’t buy new boots though, telling Thomason that he always wears his grandfather’s boots. The area farmers, like much of rural America, are struggling to keep their family farm profitable. Many of the land owners take pride in the number of generations that have owned the land and fear that they will be unable to hold onto the land promised to their children.

Butler grew up in a small town very similar to the town in Pennsylvania where he is assigned to obtain contracts from land-owners for drilling rights on their properties. Butler believes that these towns, which have been hard hit by economic decline, are not not coming back. In his own town, when the Caterpillar assembly plant closed, the town quickly died. He believes that without industry, a town cannot survive solely on family farmers, and this is a fantasy that can’t be supported any longer. He believe is is offering towns like this one a last chance. One store owner tells them, “We can’t sell the scenery, can we?”

Butler and Thomason initially plan on being in town for 2-3 days, thinking that getting the farmers’ signatures on the contracts will be very easy. While talking with the first farmer he meets, Butler promises him that he’ll become a millionaire. Butler meets with Gerry Richards (Ken Strunk), a senior member of the supervisors board, before a town hall meeting and Richards implies that he could be a very persuasive negative influence which Global can’t afford at this early stage of obtaining drilling rights in the state. Butler offers him ,000 for his assistance in persuading the town folk to accept Global’s offer. The politician holds out for more, but Butler insists that the company’s estimates of million in revenue only allow them to offer him 1/10 of 1% as payment for his assistance. Butler meets an attractive teacher, Alice (Jennifer Obed), at the local bar that night and she persuades him to accept a challenge in a drinking game. He wakes the next morning asleep in a chair in her front room, not remembering most of what transpired the night before, but she assures him that nothing happened between them.

At the town meeting that night, Supervisor Richards attempts to persuade everyone attending to accept Global’s offer when Frank Yates (Hal Holbrook) speaks up. Yates is the high school science teacher and he raises questions about the safety of fracking and Global’s environmental issues and legal record. Yates refers to a university study that places the value of the shale oil in the area at 0 million, and calls for a town vote in 2 weeks. A large portion of the audience stand to represent their alliance with Yates and Richards is angry for Butler for understating the value of the deal, and undercutting the payment the politician received. Butler sees Dustin Noble (John Krasinski). who appears to be a representative of an environmental group. In a Skype video conference that night with company executives, they learn that Yates has an MA in engineering, a degree from MIT and a PhD from Cornell. Yates worked in research and development at Boeing for 30 years before retiring to teach science in this town’s high school.

The next day, Noble visits the science teacher Yates in his classroom. He tells Yates he works for Superior Athena, a small environmental group, and offers his support against Global’s efforts to buy the drilling rights. He shows Yates pictures of dead cows in a field with a silo in the background and implies they were killed by the drilling company’s work. Thomason and Butler try to make friends with the local people at the local bar in an effort to win their confidence when Noble also shows up. At an open mike night, both Thomason and Noble take the stage, and Noble is far more effective in connecting with the crowd than Thomason. He describes how his own family’s sixth-generation farm was lost after signing a contract with Global. Within nine months 70% of their cattle were sickened or killed, his father was unable to pay his loans, and the bank took his home.

Thomason and Butler confront Noble at the local hotel where they are all staying. Butler accuses Noble and his “stoner buddies” of telling bullshit sob stores to mislead people. They attempt to make a large donation to his environmental organization and persuade him to cooperate with them in obtaining the needed contracts. Noble accepts the envelope but the next day they find him talking with town members and posting signs, “Global Go Home”. He thanks them for their donation and says he’s put it to good use and confidently tells Butler that the people and times have changed.

Noble demonstrates to the children in Alice’s classroom at the local school how fracking requires drilling and injecting water and a number of chemicals into the ground to get the natural gas out. He graphically illustrates how the injection process can affect a toy farm and lights it on fire. As he departs, he kisses Alice on the cheek. Butler and Thomason continue to visit small landowners and sign contracts, but Butler appears more ambivalent about his work. He finds Noble talking animatedly with locals in the town’s coffee shop, and a previously friendly waitress now serves him as if he is a stranger.

Butler decides to put on a town fair to try to shown the residents what it would be like to have money. He visits the school teacher Alice and when she asks to hear his pitch, he is reluctant to make the presentation. At a local bar he is confronted by several locals, and he tells them they don’t understand the “fuck you” money they can have to take care of all their needs. He doesn’t understand why they stand in the way and then one of them hits him in the face before they leave.

While building the town fair site, several locals show up to help, and as they finish the day with some beers at the local bar, he chats with Noble. He sees Alice only for Noble to greet her and they leave together. The town fair is rained out the next day and appears to be a failure when Yates stops by and invites them to his home for a meal.

At the hotel that night, Butler receives a package from Global that includes a enlarged copy of a picture of dead cattle on a farm field that Noble said came from his family’s Nebraska farm. The enlargement shows that what everyone thought was a silo is in fact a lighthouse, proving that Noble has been deceiving everyone.

Butler calls Supervisor Richards with news of Noble’s betrayal and then visits Alice, trying to prove that he’s not the bad guy. He returns to the hotel to find Noble is loading his truck and leaving town. They talk, and Noble accidentally reveals that he knows the picture of the dead cattle in the field with the lighthouse was taken in Lafayette, Louisiana. Butler suddenly realizes that Noble is also with Global and that Noble’s job was to discredit the environmental movement. Noble reveals that he arranged for Butler to receive the “confidential” photos of the farm and the lighthouse and that he engineered the entire public relations effort. Noble wishes Butler good luck back at the company’s headquarters in New York.

At a town meeting the next day, the citizens are prepared to vote on Global’s efforts to buy their property. Butler tells how the barn in the picture reminds him of his grandfather’s barn. He reveals that Noble had manipulated them and that he actually is employed by Global. He leaves the meeting to find Thomason on the phone with Global. She tells him that he’s fired and that she is leaving for New York. Butler walks to Alice’s home and she welcomes him in.


Matt Damon

Frances McDormand

John Krasinski

Hal Holbrook


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BlueRay: The Muppets – (2011)


BlueRay: The Muppets – (2011)

BlueRay: The Muppets - (2011)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical,
Release Date: 2012-03-20
Duration: 103 Min

  • James Bobin

Walter, a puppet, lives with his brother Gary (Jason Segel), a human, in Smalltown. The two became Muppet fans when they watched The Muppet Show in their youths. As adults, Walter and Gary continue to live together in their home town of Smalltown. Gary plans a vacation to Los Angeles with his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) to celebrate their tenth anniversary, and he invites Walter along so he can see the Muppet Theater. Gary is pleased to spend time with both Mary and Walter (“Life’s a Happy Song”), though Mary feels that Gary’s devotion to Walter detracts from their relationship.

In Los Angeles, the three visit the Muppet Theater to find it in ruins. During the tour around the facility, Walter sneaks into Kermit the Frog’s office and discovers Statler and Waldorf selling the theatre to Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), an oil magnate, and his associates Bobo the Bear and Uncle Deadly. Waldorf explains that the Muppets can raise 10 million dollars to re-buy the theater in a certain amount of days. Once Statler and Waldorf leave, Walter learns of Tex’s true intentions: to tear down the Muppet Studios and drill underneath for oil.

Walter explains the situation to Gary and Mary, and the three track down Kermit at his mansion. Kermit is distressed to learn the news, and realizes the only way to earn the ten million dollars would be to put on a show, which the Muppets have not done in years (“Pictures In My Head”). Walter convinces him to try anyway, and they set off to reunite the group. Fozzie Bear is performing with a group of uncouth Muppet impersonators, the Moopets, in Reno, Nevada, and Kermit persuades him to leave the group. Gonzo has become a powerful plumbing magnate. He at first refuses, but secretly longs to return to his daredevil days; he then blows up his business and joins them. Animal is in a celebrity anger-management clinic; he rejoins them, but his sponsor, Jack Black, warns him to avoid drums. During a montage, the rest of the Muppets are found and picked up. They then travel to Paris to find Miss Piggy, who went to work as Vogue Paris’ editor in chief. They try to ask her to come, but she refuses to cooperate. The Muppets replace Piggy with her Moopet counterpart, Miss Poogy.

The Muppets pitch their idea for a telethon and are rejected by several TV networks. One executive, Veronica (Rashida Jones), accepts an offer to give the Muppets a 2-hour opening in her network’s schedule, due to the sudden cancellation of one of the network’s hit shows, however, on the condition that they bring in a celebrity guest. The Muppets repair the theater (“We Built This City”), but their rehearsal does not go well and Kermit is unable to find a celebrity guest. Miss Piggy returns and kicks Miss Poogy out. Kermit persuades Walter to help them out and find his talent.

Soon realizing they have not found a guest host, Kermit asks Tex to give their studio back, but he refuses (“Let’s Talk About Me”). He further reveals that the Muppets will also lose their rights to the Muppet name; it will be given to the Moopets, who have allied with Tex. Miss Piggy then organizes the Muppets, sans Kermit, to kidnap Black to serve as their celebrity host. Mary returns to Smalltown after Gary forgets the promised anniversary dinner. Gary and Walter each want the other’s help with their problems, and they have a falling out. Gary realizes that he needs to step up in his relationship with Mary, while Walter realizes he was meant to be a Muppet (“Man or Muppet”). Gary returns to have dinner with Mary and they watch the telethon, which goes well with celebrity support and Black as host. Tex cuts the power to the theater, but Gary and Mary rush back to Los Angeles and repair the wiring so the telethon can continue. Uncle Deadly turns on Tex and stops him from destroying the transmitter antenna.

With the telethon running short, Walter finds his talent by performing a whistling act to the audience’s acclaim. The tote board stops at ,999,999 after Tex destroys the nearby telephone pole. A glitch discovered when Fozzie bangs his head on the tote board then reveals the total donations were actually only ,999.99, nowhere near the amount of money needed. Kermit states that they tried and that is all that matters. Together again as a family, they will start over. When the Muppets, along with Walter, Gary, and Mary, walk out of the theater, they discover a huge gathering of fans and press. With Gary’s encouragement, Walter joins the Muppets as they greet the crowd (“Life’s a Happy Song”). Gary proposes to Mary, Black is taken and declared king of the hobos by Hobo Joe (Zack Galifianakis) and Friends, and Tex returns the theater and the Muppet name to the Muppets after Gonzo’s failed “head-bowling” act from the telethon causes Tex a head injury, making him laugh for the first time in his life.


Amy Adams

Jason Segel

Chris Cooper

Rashida Jones


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